About Me


I was born and raised in Grand Prairie, TX. I have three beautiful children named Zeke, Drew & Scarlett. They are absolutely the light of my life. I’m now single and mingling but I’m in no hurry to fill that gap just yet. The only time I’ve ever lived outside of Grand Prairie was when I moved to Plainview, TX for 3 years. Me and my first wife decided we needed a change so we moved out there. I worked at the Plainview Daily Herald as an Online Technician. At the Herald we established the first Internet Service Provider in West Texas. That’s back when we still used modems to connect to the Internet. (Those were the days.) After working at the Herald for a year or so I started a computer consulting business called NuComp Computers. We built custom PCs and had an onsite service department as well. I did very well there but eventually had to shut the business down because we saturated the market. So I moved back to the DFW and stayed in my computer field.

My passions in life are music and computers. My day time job is working in IT but my secondary incomes come from designing websites in WordPress or music. In fact, I have a web business called WordPressWeavers.com where I build custom WordPress websites for a fraction of the cost of most designers and developers. If you’d like more info on what we can do for your online business just email me at jamie@wordpressweavers.com or go to our contact page and let me know how we can help you.

Ever since I can remember music has been in my life. In fact, I have a very fond memory of when I was 3 years. My mom and dad took me a Deep Purple concert (yeah, they were hippies). And they said I stood up in the row in front of them the entire time just bobbing my head to the music. After the show was over we went home and they said I picked out Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple’s biggest hit) on my little toy piano. Ever since then I was glued to the piano. I played totally by hear. In fact, when I was around 10 years old my grandmother paid for me to have some piano lessons. After 2 lessons the piano teacher said I was too far advanced in playing by ear and trying to teach me how to play technically would ruin my natural talent. So I just continue to play music by ear.

The first song I wrote was with my grandmother and it was titled “We Are The Future Generation” and I entered it into a songwriting contest and won! So I started writing more and more songs.

It wasn’t until around the age of 11 that I picked up a guitar and taught myself that. And then around 14 I turned to the drums. It wasn’t until around  the age of 16 that I got my first PC and with it came loaded with a music tracking program. So I began to write tracks and more songs.

After I graduated high school I hooked up with a singer/songwriter named Jimmy Blundred and we wrote several songs and released and album called “The Answer”. We called ourselves A Vox Blu, which means creators of music. We played several gigs around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and several parties as well. We even got airplay for our first release, “Your Eyes”, on 94.5 The Edge. (Which was one of the hottest radio stations in that time.) Click here to listen or purchase that album for only $7.99.

My second album, or my first solo album, was released in 1993 and it was titled “Question Of Truth”. Me and my father wrote all the lyrics and I wrote all the music. I recorded it at Crystal Clear Studios in Irving, TX. Keith Rust recorded, mixed and engineered the album for me. It was released on a cassette (yeah, that’s right, a cassette) because CDs weren’t really the thing at that time. Click here to buy songs from that album. With this album came the birth of Jamo Records which is my record label that I publish my music in.

About 8 years later I recorded an album for Harvest Christian Fellowship (HCF) out of Plainview, TX. I wrote most of the songs on that album. The name of it was “Welcome Home”. Click here to listen to the songs from that album. About 2 years later I wrote and recorded another album with HCF and it was titled “Signed Sealed Delivered”.  Click here to listen to the songs from that album.

Fast forward about 8 years and I started writing instrumental tracks and beats for other artists. I write Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Top 40, Soul, Jazz, Soundtracks & many other genres for people who write lyrics and are looking for music to accompany it. Or maybe they are videographers and need a sound bed for their videos. I cater to them all. You can listen and buy these tracks at JamoRecords.com/Jamo-Tracks. Each track is mastered and ready for production. And if you like the track but you maybe need it extended or customized for your project, I can do that to. Just reach out to me at jamo@jamorecords.com. My humble home studio does the job. I use a MacBook Pro and a software package called Logic Pro x. I master my music with a shareware program called Audacity. All my music is radio quality and ready for your next production project.

Overall I live a really good life. I enjoy my work and my passion for music and website design keeps a fire in my belly at all times. Even though my kids are grown I’m still engaged with them as much as possible. And my family is incredible. I have a wonderful mom and dad that have supported anything I’ve ever done all my life. There’s not many people that can say that. Plus, all my extended family is the bomb! I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s. I’m happy, content and looking forward to the future!

Thanks for visiting my website!

Warmest Regards,

Jamie Richards