A good way to understand and truly know strategy is to learn the game of chess. My father and I would play at least once or twice a week while I was growing up. He typically beat me, but I just learned from my mistakes and I got better and better. In the game of chess, the idea is to expect the move of your opponent and plan your counter move while you’re planning the move after your opponent’s move. It’s kind of known in the circle of chess players that you need to plan 3 moves in advance in order to win the game. Therefore you have to map out your moves while anticipating the moves of your opponent. That is a perfect picture of strategy. Let’s think for a moment at what all uses strategy:  businesses, sports teams, soldiers at war, advertising on billboards, and the list goes on and on.

Strategy is a close friend of mine. I think about it a lot. Strategy in my business, in my finances and in my own personal life. Now I’m not a crazy strategist. I’m fair and balanced. No, seriously, it’s just a word that means a lot to me. You see for a period of almost 18 months, every time I would pray to God I would ask Him to speak to me and this is what he said, “Strategy.”  I could have immediately deducted that he meant for me to apply more strategy in my life, but I’m not quite sure if that’s all of it. There’s more to that word. Therefore it goes down into my Top 10 Favorite Words.