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My name is Jamie Richards and I am a Digital Marketing Freelancer. I’ve worked on countless projects and I’ve learned over my 20 years of marketing experience that good websites take planning and strategy to be successful. You can’t just put up a nice looking website and expect traffic. You HAVE to market it. That’s what all of my services are for, specifically for the business owner or the person in charge of marketing. It’s my job to make you business successful online and manage it so you can focus on other things.

My Strategy For Digital Marketing Is All About Learning & Targeting Your Audience

Learning and targeting the right set audience is extremely crucial to the success of your business. As they said, marketing has always been about connecting with the right audience in the right place and at the right time.

Otherwise, if you are not reaching the right audience, then all your digital marketing efforts – from SEO and PPC to social media and content marketing – have no point and your budget is just going down the drain. By finding and reaching the right audience, you can tailor your messages to appeal specifically to that segment, which then increases your chance of getting their attention.

Reaching the desired target audience is so important that in fact, many companies consider this as a key factor for their campaign effectiveness, and therefore allocate a significant portion of their market research budget for this function alone. According to Forbes Insights report, 43% of companies spend more than half of their budgets reaching specific targets., and 84% of companies expect that investment to increase over the years to come.

Click here to download a very helpful infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines titled “How To Discover & Reach Your Online Target Audience”. It’s got some really helpful information on it.

My Values

I have three values that I implement in every Digital Marketing project I work on.

Targeted Strategies

There are three types of  target marketing strategies. 

  • Segmenting markets based on customer traits.
  • Targeting the segments with specific types of messaging.
  • Positioning the brand for success in a competitive market.

Implementing all three strategies requires many steps to discover the end goal, which leads me to my next value.


Discover More

The goal of discovery is to ask questions and listen to what your potential client have to say.  By conducting this meeting you can find out:

  • Your potential client’s current challenges
  • What they’ve tried, and what has or hasn’t worked
  • Their overall goals and what they aspire to achieve (and why)

This way, you’ll know if your services and means can improve their marketing, and whether you want to and/or can work with them, before putting a price tag on it.

Building smarter

When setting future objectives for marketing such as in a marketing plan it’s useful to look hard at each measure and ask “is it essential?”. I like to apply the SMART tests:

  • Specific – Can the detail in the information sufficient to pinpoint problems or opportunities?
  • Measurable – Can a quantitative or qualitative attribute be applied to create a metric?
  • Actionable – Can the information be used to improve performance? 
  • Relevant – Can the information be applied to the specific problem faced by the marketer?
  • Time-bound – Can objectives be set for different time periods as targets to review against?

Asking yourselves these questions before setting off on a new marketing plan will ensure you success.


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